Elena Undone – Nicole Conn

This film really caught us by surprise! It has a very slow build up that gets you hooked right from the start. The tension as we sat and watched the film was palpable! The film is based on a true story and the premise is that we all have a soul mate out there, that we are throughout our lives drawn to that person; no matter where our lives take us, we are destined to meet. I have to admit that I do believe in this as I in fact met my partner against all the odds and we knew from the very first moment that we were meant to be together, maybe that is another reason why this film resonated with us so.  It doesn’t hurt that both leading ladies are both completely gorgeous!!! (Necar Zadegan, Traci Dinwiddie) and intelligent.Peyton is a writer who has just lost her mother and Elena is a married mother whose husband also happens to be an anti gay pastor! So as you can imagine the odds are against them. Peyton is warned by her friend to stay clear as it will only end up being complicated and breaking her heart. However, the beautiful Elena just draws you in. As for Elena although married for 15 years she has never loved and can’t stop thinking about Peyton.The film doesn’t rush the story, it lures you in right from the start.  You really want these two to make it!  It came as no surprise to me to read after the film that it was directed by the same director of the classic ‘Claire of the Moon’. Cool trivia note – it has the longest kiss in cinema history – 3 minutes and 24 seconds! And boy oh boy what a kiss it is!  The sexist moment in cinema history as well in my opinion! The first time they make love was wonderfully shot, artistic. We loved the film and will definitely watch it many more times!!! Can’t rate it high enough – If you buy one dvd this year make sure its this one!!!!

[2010′[Elena Undone [DVD] [2010]

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