51JeI4j07iLDaphne Du Maurier was one of our best loved and well known writers. She was married to a very famous war hero ‘Boy Browning’ who was played (much to her distress) by Dirk Bogarde in the film ‘A Bridge Too Far’, she said she thought he was far to effete to play her husband. The reason I mention this is that it is ironic that a lady who was herself a closet lesbian thought it right to mention this. Her most famous book was of course ‘Rebecca’, in which there are lots of lesbian undercurrents. She fell in love initially with the beautiful American heiress Ellen Doubleday but alas the feelings were not mutual. She then met and had an affair with the actress Gertrude Lawrence who as an extra twist had been the mistress of Daphne’s father! This film was made by the BBC in celebration of the centenary of Daphne’s birth. It is a great portrayal of her, I think mainly based on the wonderful biography by Margaret Forster’s which we review on our book pages.

Daphne [DVD]

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