Crazy Heart

downloadI was so looking forward to watching this film, I love Jeff Bridges and I also loved what I had seen of the clips of the film. The story is of a 57 year old country singer Bad Blake whose last hit was quite a while ago, since then he has hit the bottle! Bad has definitely seem better times and is now just playing run down bowling alleys and bars.

Then one day he arrives at a venue and is asked by the pianist if his niece who works for a musical magazine can interview him. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Jean Craddoc the jounalist and from that moment on the whole story changes. They fall for each other and their lives change.

I won’t spoil the film, just suffice to say it has a great soundtrack, the scenary is beautifully shot, from the opening sequence on.

Jeff Bridges won an Oscar for his portrayal of Bad Blake in this movie and rightly so!

Crazy Heart [DVD]

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