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Counting Down The SecondsCounting Down The Seconds by Lexy Weallens

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is a compilation of stories that were winner’s of  a competition for the website Sally met Sally and Freya Publications

No matter what your taste in books they are pretty much all covered here, be it romance, sci-fi, history, you name it you will find it within these pages. The first story has a very clever premise, a countdown to when you meet the ‘one’ , it reminded me a little of that film with Justin Timberlack where money is replaced by time and poor people only get a few hours! So all their lives are spent waiting for that one moment… which leads them to live less fulfilled lives whilst they wait… clever idea.

It was a lovely surprise to see one written by the hilarious Denise Warner whom we have featured as a celeb on our site amongst the authors, other stories feature King Arthur who doesn’t come off too well in this yarn,, a bit of a spin on Angelology, to name but a few.

The stories feature lots of different writing styles and lifetimes, future, past and present, people and angels…. All in all a great read, ideal for the beach and the weather we are having at the moment.

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