Co Dependent Space Alien Seeks Same

Wow where does one begin – this is one very freaky movie.

It begins with a lesbian having a counselling session in which she announced that an alien spaceship descended upon her and left her a note, the counsellor enquires as to the content of the said note to which she replied ‘the alien asked what she was doing later’. So you can see that it is a funny film on many levels.

You may well be asking the reason for the visits from above in the first place? Well it transpires that the ozone is being depleted on their planet due to too much emotion so they are being sent to earth to get all that knocked out of them.

I will share no more as I have no wish to spoil this quirky movie.

The aliens look like the bad guy from the black and white Flash Gordon movies of the 50s. My favourite bit is the bit with the cheesecake, a bit of genius philosophy.

If you like a bit of spoof sci fi mixed with bizarre humour this is indeed the film for you, however, Star Trek it is not.


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