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Sophie Ward

Sophie Ward was born 30 December 1964, Sophie is an English actress and the daughter of actor Simon Ward.

Sophie has started in the film Young Sherlock Holmes. Other early films included Return to Oz, Little Dorrit and A Summer Story, and shewas also the love interest in the video of Roxy Music’s song “Avalon”, not to mention A Village Affair.

In August 2000, Sophie married her partner the writer Rena Brannan.



Sophie answers the LnL Questionnaire 

Your favourite virtue?


Your favourite qualities in a man? 

A love for their mothers

Your favourite qualities in a woman?


Your main characteristic? 


What draws you most to your friends?

 Tears and laughter

Given the opportunity what would you most like to change?

 Human capacity for cruelty

Who would you most like to take out for dinner?

My wife

Your idea of happiness?

Being behind or in front of the curtain at 7.25pm

What is your favourite way of spending the day?

Eating with friends and family  

Whose life other than yours would you most like to have lived?

 A whole life? Instead of mine? No one’s.

Where would you most like to live? 

In a treehouse

Who is your favourite author? 

Charlotte Bronte, Evelyn Waugh, PG Wodehouse, Rosamund Lehman, Scarlett Thomas 

Who is your favourite poet? 

ee cummings, A A Milne, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson 

Your favourite heroes in fiction?

 Tin tin, Jack Reacher

Your favourite heroines in fiction? 

Jane Eyre, Ameliaranne  Stiggins, Elvira Hammond  

Your favourite painters? 

Jenny Saville, Gwen John, all the Impressionists 

Who is your favourite composer?

 Thomasini, Neil Young, Camille, Annie de Franco, Nathalie Merchant, PJHarvey 

What is your favourite Film? 

Terminator 2, Forever Amber, Waiting for Guffman 

Your favourite food 

Roast potatoes

Your favourite drink? 

Red wine 

Who do you most admire? 

Aung San Suu Kyi

What is your present state of mind? 

Pleasurably tired 

For what fault have you most toleration? 

Creative ambition… 

Your favourite motto?

…better to try and fail than not to try at all.




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