catfish-uk-film-posterI had heard about this movie on film 2010, Claudia Winkleman gave it the thumbs up! I love her on this show by the way, it’s great to have a woman finally hosting this show.

Anyway I digress – what a great film, completely different to anything I had seen before and such a film of its time. It will be difficult to review this film, as I don’t want to give anything away. But basically it follows the life of a chap called Nev who is contacted by a young girl called Abby because his photograph is featured in a newspaper article. Abby loved the picture so much that she decided to paint it and send it to Nev. This is the start of an Internet relationship between Nev and all Abby’s family.

Nev’s brother and friend are budding filmmakers so they decide to make a film of this new friendship and you watch their lives as the story unfolds.

It’s a very clever way to show how ‘facebook’ has changed all our lives, introduced us to people we would never have heard of let alone meet. I know in my own life I have made some wonderful friends on facebook but would we in fact get along if we were to have met sat in a bar?

Facebook is in its nature manipulative as you need only put things on there that you want people to know and in doing so are sharing a somewhat edited view of your life.

It is a brilliant film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had me on the edge of my seat and also made me think more of the influence that facebook has and how far down that path I want to travel.

Catfish [DVD]

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