Carol – Patricia Highsmith

images (1)Highsmith’s second novel and one that I think all lesbians will enjoy. (also published as ‘The Price of Salt’

The story starts with Therese working in the dolls section of a department store during the Christmas period. One day prior to Christmas a woman walks in to purchase a doll for her daughter as a present. Therese is transfixed by the woman’s beauty and elegance. The feelings this woman stirs up in Therese are new and exciting. As the novel progresses we find out the woman is called ‘Carol’. The pair become friends so Carol asks Therese to accompany her on a road trip which explores their feelings towards each other further.

I found the book absolutely compelling and I didn’t want to put it down. I was intrigued as to whether they would have a huge love affair or not. I thought the book was wonderfully written, full of passion and suspense. I would definitely read the book again.


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