Best Lesbian Romance 2011 Radclyffe – editor

imagesThe latest edition of this collection is edited by Radclyffe. I must confess this is the first one I have read but thoroughly enjoyed it. The stories really take you away from the cold winter here, to Hawaii and various hot locations in America with lots of hot women… My favourite line of the book, which made me laugh out loud, was from the story ‘Panacea’ by Colette Moody. ‘An arse so magical David Copperfield might climb out of it at any moment’, brilliant.

I loved this book as it made me remember the first flush of love. Of meeting that one person and just knowing from the very first moment that it was so very right. It’s all here within these pages.

Radclyffe has gathered a wonderfully varied collection of stories about falling in love, all of which are wonderfully written. You feel as though you are a fly on the wall watching these wonderful encounters, as though you were a friend hearing all the juicy details.

I highly recommend this book, it would make a wonderful valentines gift! Great to read out loud to the one you love…..

Contributions from Radclyffe writing as L.L. Raand, Sacchi Green, Kathleen Warnock, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Catherine Lundoff, Clifford Henderson, Theda Hudson, Rebecca S. Buck, Anna Meadows, Colette Moody, Andrea Dale, Merina Canyon, Jamie Schaffner, Charlotte Dare, Cheyenne Blue, Elaine Burnes, and Miel Rose. (Cleis)
Best Lesbian Romance 2011

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