Best Lesbian Erotica 2012

images (4)I thought the romance stories were pretty racey until I started reading ‘Best Lesbian Erotica 2012’! Erotica is not a genre I am familiar with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude, but as I recall my Mum (rather inappropirately) saying, “I prefer the real thing”! Now, having read these 22 tales of sapphic sassiness, edited by Kathleen Warnock ably assisted by Sinclair Sexsmith, I know that I enjoy the written version too.

As Kathleen explains, the book is chronological, beginning with two schoolgirls who are just discovering their sexual desires. One feels, “like God has filled me full of warm honey”, while her friend and the object of her lust doesn’t believe God has got anything to do with it, declaring that her friend’s feelings are, “the Devil, temptation… certainly not God”. To me, this accurately reflects the different ways many of us react to our own sexual awakening, and the sometimes conflicting feelings we have.

The final story is the tale of two women in their sixties discovering sex toys for the first time and so the anthology shows us sexuality – and a lot of sex – throughout life, as well as how we will still laugh at sex toys in later years.

While each story highlights the diversity of our common sexuality and celebrates the many ways in which we delight in giving and receiving pleasure, there is something here for all tastes. Whether it’s BDSM, uniforms or straightforward good sex you like to read about, I think you’ll enjoy this book.

Reviewed by Sally Mayor of Word|Nerd

Best Lesbian Erotica 2012

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