Behind the Pine Curtain – Gerri Hill

images (2)I really enjoyed this book. I went scouring through the internet for some lesbian fiction. I wanted something that could take me away from my world at the moment. I found this book and it was just the ticket.

Set in a small town in Texas, the book is about the paths we take in life, and how many of them are actually the result of other peoples’ decisions and notions about us. This led the main character Jacqueline on a difficult path but one that in fact led her right back to where she started. I really believed in the characters and better still wanted to hang out with them!

The book is also about soul mates, is there one person out there for everyone. I remember a good friend once said to me many years ago “What’s for you won’t go past you!” Through all the hard times I hung onto that notion and low and behold she was right!

I was sad to finish the book and lose that world. I intend to read a lot more of Ms Hill in the future.

Behind the Pine Curtain

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