Before Stonewall

Before StonewallPrior to viewing it earlier today but it was a riverting story of the passage of American gay rights up to The Stonewall riots. The people who were interviewed were obviously interviewed in the 70s which gave us their personal knowledge of the time prior to the riots of ’69. They explained how it was in the 20s with the secret gay clubs in New York and San Fransisco and how people got wise to these locations and would travel from far and wide to hang out with like minded people.


There were also great stories of how the war changed life for a lot of gay men and women, as of course the army was full of gay people. How this allowed the ladies to have their own income which then gave them more choice and they were able to alter their path from the life they might have had to have led, had they stayed in their home town.

This is a very important documentary as it shows how far we have come, but of course how far we still have to go.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and gave a real insightful peek at how it was for gay people in those days and what they achieved long before Stonewall.

Before Stonewall [DVD] [1984]

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