Arusha – J E Knowles

images (1)Loved this book not only for the story line but because I have visited Arusha and fell in love with the place and people and could really imagine Edith, the main character, during her time there.

This is the story of the complex lives of the Rignadli family. Edith and Joe, married for many years but not really living their lives to the full. Suffocated by each other but loving parents to their two children – Dana and Jeremy.

As the story unfolds so does all their lives.

Edith and Joe, both teachers, living and working in small town Tennessee with all the values and morals that go along with living in a small town. Neither truly happy with the arrangement but neither brave enough to do anything about it. Until one day everything changes!

This is about the journey Edith takes to Arusha in East Africa to really find peace and happiness in the most unexpected of places.

Great read, just kept wanting to turn to the next page to see what was going to happen. I thought the book was wonderfully written and for her first novel my hat goes off to Knowles.

Incredible story can’t wait for her to write another. Would strongly recommend reading this!

Arusha (Katherine V. Forrest Selection)

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