Among the Bloodpeople – Thomas Glave


Among the Bloodpeople: Politics and FleshAmong the Bloodpeople: Politics and Flesh by Thomas Glave

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This is a tough book to review, it was by no means an easy read, but that is no reflection on Thomas’s writing style, it is of course due to the subject matter which is most disturbing to say the least.
The thing about the book is that he really delves into the psyche of what it is to be a gay man in Jamaica, which is no easy thing to be, and yet also in talking of how it is in his country. He also touches on those closer to home, how his family reacted, the subtle changes that take place with those closest to him when they come to realise that he is gay, those that loved him for who he was, somehow no longer do…
It is a very well written book and covers a wide range of subjects as he travels between Jamaica, New York and Finsbury Park no less…

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