After My Own Heart by Sophia Blackwell

imagesI was sent an advanced copy of this book to review and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to do so.

The book starts with the breakdown of a relationship. Evie and Kate have been living together as a couple for about five years and all of a sudden they break up. Looking back on their time Evie can see that it had it flaws but this still didn’t prepare her for the inevidatable.

Kate had been supporting one of their other friends who had equally just gone through a breakup and the time spent together had drawn them into something new.

Evie works in PR but her love and passion is singing, so her nights are spent jobbing at clubs to promote her songs.

Anyway this book is all about the journey you have to go through to come out the other side. Evie takes that journey making some unusual connections along the way and at times doubting what she has always thought she was…. gay.

The ex as exes do so well, if they are the ones to break your heart, does string her along a bit which makes it all that much more difficult for Evie to move on.

I thoroughly enjoyed finding out how Evie’s life would pan out and it wasn’t right until the end that you do, so you’re kept in suspense for the whole read.

Definitely would recommend it and in fact my partner is just about to start reading it now that I have finished.

Loved it!

After My Own Heart

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