A Marine Story – Written and Directed by Ned Darr

imagesWhat a brilliant film!  We knew we off to a great start when I recognised the grogeous Dreya Weber from one of my all time favs ‘Everything Relative’.  I fell in love with her then, and once again in this film!

You first meet Alexandra Everett (Dreya) as she walks back to her home town after leaving the marines.  As the story unfolds you learn that this was not a voluntary decision, but brought on by the US Government’s ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ campaign.  The film gives a great insight into how this affects people within the military, who are so passionate about fighting for their country that they go to such great lengths to hide who they really are.

The film also looks at Alexandra’s home and how the people in her town relate to her, and how she inspires one of the locals to turn their life around.

There are very dark moments in the film, a gritty film that tells a story that needs to be told and tells it well. the film is beautifully shot.

I felt you really got to know the character of Alexandra and all the situations that have made her who she is today including a stern military father. Dreya is brilliant in it.

Really I can’t recommend this film enough. A very adult story told in a very adult way!

A Marine Story [DVD]

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