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Testo Junkie | Beatriz Preciado

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I was intrigued by this book as it was compared to the ride you get when you read a book by William Burroughs. Now that is a comparison not many can claim. The book was first published in 2008 in French; it has been issued this week in English translation. The book takes the form of a diary, the author Beatriz Precido decides to record her experiment of taking a

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We Do!: American Leaders Who Believe in Marriage Equality | Jennifer Baumgardner

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The flyer states: Remember when bringing up gay marriage was the easiest way to inflame an otherwise mild electorate? This volume demonstrates, through speeches, interviews and commentary, the encouraging story of American acceptance of gay marriage and the roles that politicians - gay and straight - have played in that history. This movement, like all civil rights

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Blood, Marriage, Wine and Glitter | S. Bear Bergman

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There have been a couple of books out this month pertaining to trans gender, ‘Blood, Marriage, Wine and Glitter’ is written by the author S. Bear Bergman, who has written two other books on the subject. This book is a selection of essays, discussing his ‘modern family’, which in this case comprises of two trans fathers and a son. You also get to meet his

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Before Midnight

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Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke

Years ago when we just had three or four TV channels to choose from, late one night I remember watching a movie called ‘Before Sunrise’. It was such a great film, very unusual with a lot of talking between the two main characters who met on a train, had a magical night together and then that was it. They went off on their individual journeys through life.  It became

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Celebrity of the month | December 2013 | Actress- Activist – Sophie Ward

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Sophie Ward

Sophie Ward was born 30 December 1964, Sophie is an English actress and the daughter of actor Simon Ward. Sophie has started in the film Young Sherlock Holmes. Other early films included Return to Oz, Little Dorrit and A Summer Story, and shewas also the love interest in the video of Roxy Music's song "Avalon", not to mention A Village Affair. In August

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