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August 2012 – Musicians – Paper Aeroplanes

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About “Paper Aeroplanes are an oasis of gravity in a cultural desert of frivolity, of emotion in a cold hearted world. If you’re not in tears by the end of A Comfortable Sleep then you’re either a Stalinist dictator or a statue. 9/10 “ Paul Kerr, Fourohfive 405 “Intimate, jaunty and confident lo-key pop with great melody .” The Guardian “No pretence ,

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I Left My Tent in San Francisco by Emma Kennedy

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I saw this book in Waterstone’s and noticing ‘The Tales of the City’ tag line bought it. I am a huge ‘Tales of the City’ fan. To be fair this book has very little if anything at all to do with ‘Tales of the City’ except for the fact that Emma and her best chum Dee spent their first few penniless months in the fair city of San Francisco. It is a hilarious

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Grow Your Profits – Hanan Kattan

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I was sent this book to review and I actually had no idea what the book was about prior to its arrival. It is written by Hanan Kattan, a name our readers will be familiar with as she produced two of the best lesbian films of late with her wife Shamim Sarif - ‘The World Unseen’ and ‘I can’t even think straight’ (you can see our reviews here). So I naively

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