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June 2012 – Author, Comedian – Julian Clary

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Julian Clary

About Julian Clary was born on the 25th of May 1959 in Surbiton, Surrey, to parents Brenda and Peter Clary - a younger brother for his two sisters Frances and Beverley. He was brought up in Teddington, South West London. Julian says: "My family don't live there any more, but every time I go to Teddington Studio's I drive past our old house. I reminisce about riding my

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The Lesbian Lounge with Denise & Donna Guest Blogger

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Hi, I'm Denise from "The Lesbian Lounge with Denise & Donna"- on - and this is my very (un) tragic and (un) glamourous story... I got bit by the radio bug a long time ago, around 2003, I think. I don't even remember exactly how it came about, either, but I somehow was working at an FM station called Party 93.1, out of South Florida for a gay

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Conversations with Tom Robbins Liam O’Purdon Beef Torrey 2011

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After featuring my all time favourite author, the magical and inspiring Mr Tom Robbins on my website, I received an e-mail from a chap called Liam O’Purdon, he and his friend have taken all the interviews that Tom has given over the years for his 9 tomes starting with Rolling Stone in ’76. We join Tom as he answers the various questions from these keen interviewers, I

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Net Profit: How to Succeed in Digital Business by David Soskin

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I was recommended this book by a friend who had met the author and was so taken with what he had to say that he then bought his book. As the title suggests it was perfect reading for me, as my two income streams are my web designs business and my other, Loving Social Media. So I invested in a copy! It is very well written, easy to read and David gets his point across with

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Then Again Diane Keaton 2011

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I actually got this book for my Mum for her birthday, but secretly hoped that once she had finish it she would pass it on to me. Diane Keaton is one of those actresses that has featured in some of the best films of the last (I don't want to age her here :-) lets say 40 years... I remember my brother and I watching 'Play it again Sam' with tears literally streaming down

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Titanic!: The Strange Case of Great Uncle Bertie Valentine Palmer

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I met Valentine a year or so ago and we have become firm friends ever since. We were talking one day and he casually mentioned that his Great Uncle Bertie had been the only senior officer on the Titanic to survive the sinking. Funnily enough my family are linked to the Titanic also in that my great grandpa Graham helped to build it at Harland and Wolff in Belfast.

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Orlando: A Biography Virginia Woolf 1928

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Many years ago I took a boat trip with my Dad; we went from Stoke Bruerne to Cropredy. I remember it was a lovely autumn day; blustery outside, so I curled up in the back cabin with a cup of tea and my new book. I had bought it in Leeds the week before. I had never read anything by Virginia Woolf before, but I had read somewhere that she had written this book as a love

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The Rainbow (Penguin Classics) D H Lawrence 1915

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The Rainbow was part of a trilogy of books – ‘The Rainbow’, ‘Women in Love’ and ‘Sons & Lovers’. ‘The Rainbow’ and ‘Women in Love’ were originally one book but were separated at the request of the publisher who declined to release ‘Women in Love’ after the reaction to ‘The Rainbow’. I read this whilst living in Guernsey. I wonder if

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Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Tom Robbins 1976

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Where do I begin…there is no book in all creation to compare to this book! It covers everything under the sun with such glee. The thing about a Tom Robbins novel is that you t The story here is of Sissy Hankshaw, a young girl who was born with very large thumbs… she overhears an Uncle saying all she is good for is hitchhiking and with that she is off, up and down

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The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath 1963

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Sylvia Plath is known as apoet who married Ted Hughes.. but her story is a much darker one than that, and this book is simi autographically account of her life… we start out with a bubbly normal person and sadly end with a very disturbed being. Sadly Sylvia committed suicide in 1963. The book describes with such detail how mentally ill people were treated in the

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Henry and June: (From the Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin) (Penguin Modern Classics) Anais Nin 1986

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I remember reading this book after I had lived in Paris for a while… It is a wonderful account of Anais first sexual awakening, if a somewhat confusing one, as she falls in love with both Henry Miller and his partner June who herself is also married. It is set within the years 1931 – 32 Anais describes Paris and her life with such great detail, you get to know the

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Duino Elegies/Duineser Elegien: A Dual-Language Book Rainer Maria Rilke 1923

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This could be my longest review yet, there is so much to discuss here! This tiny book deals with huge issues, in fact it's pages discuss life in all its many facets! The Duino Elegies are a set of ten elegies written in German by the poet Rainer Maria Rilke from 1912 to 1922. Rilke had been visiting Princess Marie von Thurn und Taxis in the Duino castle near Trieste in

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The Lady in the looking glass – Virginia Woolf

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I have, over the years read a lot of books by Virginia Woolf. My favorite is still 'Orlando' her love letter to Vita. This small book is a very different work to that, as it is set mainly within the realms of her reality at the time. The first story is of someone looking at a friend or is it their own reflection (as my mother suggested) through the window of a looking

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