Loving Annabella

Loving_annabelleAnnabelle played by Erin Kelly, the defiant daughter of a senator, arrives at a prestigious Catholic boarding school following having been expelled from lots of others. The school’s poetry teacher Simone (Diane Gaidry) is given the task of keeping an eye on the rebellious teen., The new student quickly turns heads with her striking beauty and charm. Fellow student and bad girl, Cat played by Laura Breckenridge, soon makes advances to her but these are ignored as Annabelle’s is focused on a much bigger prize — Simone. She aggressively makes her move in class, dissecting e.e. cummings’ poetry of sexual innuendos and sending Simone’s heart fluttering. The teacher desperately tries to conceal her lust not only because she is the teacher, but also because she is not out! On a holiday weekend, the student and teacher are the only two remaining on campus. This time they cannot stop their wildest desires. In one moment their sweltering, uninhibited passion illuminates the screen, and in the next, a flurry of guilt unmasks the reality of responsibility. Kelly and Gaidry’s chemistry is mesmerizing, expressing their characters’ deepening attraction with stolen glances and the subsequent revelations of their relationship’s emotional consequences. Talented writer/director Katherine Brooks brilliantly captures the conflicting emotions of erotic, romantic attraction and the apprehension due to the sexual and spiritual risks involved.

Loving Annabelle [DVD] [2006]

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