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Paula Napier


Paula is the author of a book Sea Salt

LNL Questionnaire

Your favourite virtue?

Your favourite qualities in a man?
Kindness, Honesty & Humour

Your favourite qualities in a woman?
As above.

Your main characteristic?
Probably, sense of humour!

What draws you most to your friends?
Mainly alcohol!

Given the opportunity what would you most like to change?
The appalling way that humans treat animals

Who would you most like to take out for dinner?
Dame Judy Dench and Alan Carr (together).

Your idea of happiness?
Good health and a stable, loving relationship.

What is your favourite way of spending the day?
A few hours writing in the company of my cat; time with my girlfriend and cooking for her and a few good friends in the evening.

Whose life other than yours would you most like to have lived?

Where would you most like to live?
By the sea.

Who is your favourite author?
Difficult – Emily Bronte, I guess.

Who is your favourite poet?
TS Elliot

Your favourite heroes in fiction?

Your favourite heroines in fiction?
Elizabeth Bennet and Jane Eyre

Your favourite painters?
Picasso, Caravaggio and some Francis Bacon 

Who is your favourite composer?
I don’t tend to listen to a lot of music but Debussy… probably 

What is your favourite Film?
Another Country

Your favourite food?

Your favourite drink?
Red Wine 

Who do you most admire?
At present, Aung San Suu Kyi.

What is your present state of mind?

Optimistic about the future.

For what fault have you most toleration?

As my main fault is sometimes a lack of tolerance, that’s a tough one!!  A lack of self confidence (in the way it can present itself), probably.

Your favourite motto?

Carpe Diem – because as “a planner”, I sometimes neglect the present.

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