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This film comprises of 6 short vignettes depicting women seducing women in unexpected situations. They certainly are an eclectic mix of stories and tend to leave you guessing until the end, each story has a twist in the tale…

Story 1

A young girl moves out of her apartment to let another girl move in, the sister of the chap that owns the room. He casually mentions that he thinks the girl that moved out is a lesbian, to which we then see girl number 2 flirting with girl number 1 in a very obvious fashion. She suggests she moves in for the night asks her to feel her silk knickers… the rest as they say is history… but it doesn’t end there…

Story 2

A young attractive girl goes into a shop to buy a new top. A very attractive sales assistant comes over and in a very sexy fashion suggests to girl 1 that she called her Ali not her full name. She then removes a flowery top from the manikin once more in a very alluring fashion, suggests girl 1 tries it on, whilst shop assistant watches…..  Will leave that one there but you get the gist… Oh how I wish this sort of thing would happen in my local m and s.

Story 3

I thought this one was going to be a threesome when it started. Three young gorgeous people head off hand in hand into the woods with a picnic basket, sadly you get a lot of girl and boy snogging before you get a fantasy dream with the two girls…..

Story 4

Gay boy and girl, people watching, straight couple. This one is a strange one – straight girl goes upstairs to plan a party, straight boy wants to leave and go to the pictures. After much chatting about décor straight girl and waitress get it on in the loo whilst straight boyfriend waits oblivious outside.. What I wanted to know was, what happens if I wanted another cup of coffee????

Story 5

Man hires two girls to watch them get it on together, once they have exhausted him they decide they kinda like each other and get it on together.

Story 6

Two friends have a pampering night doing each other’s facials etc, then decide why have they been single forever and get it on.


Kind of fun but also a bit confusing at times, a real mix of short stories.

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