Theorem – Pier Paolo Pasolini

With just a three worded telegram a mystery character enters the lives of a well to do Italian family and they are never to be the same again…

It’s a very strange film, for some reason even the Italian actors are over dubbed. There are lots of arty shots but there doesn’t seem to be too muc41E+83aEBoL._SL500_AA300_h of a story and the dialogue is very limited. It’s a very dated film, this could never have been made in any other decade than the 60’s but that is in its favour as it captures the era so well, even down to the twangy 60’s guitar.

I am not really sure what it is about. If anyone out there does, please do enlighten me but it’s an interesting concept and a film of its time.

As I looked over to my girlfriend as the film ended, the look of bewilderment on her face pretty much summed it up.

Theorem [1968] [DVD]


Theorem is showing at the BFI in April 2013

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