The Perfect Ending Movie Review

I had heard about this film way back when it was being filmed. Nicole Conn the director of the lesbian classic (Claire of the Moon) sent out blogs whilst filming, so it was with keen anticipation that we were sent this to review by the guys at Peccadillo Pictures.

The film starts with some beautiful washed out images that set the tone of the film, it is so beautifully shot and lulls you with its artistic nature.

At the beginning of the film we were wondering where all the pieces of the jigsaws would fall into place but it does so really well. Great cast, Barbara Niven plays Rebecca a lady with a secret, who is married to Mason played by the great actor John Heard, between them they also have a secret. Early on in the film we learn that Rebecca has some very cool friends one of which is dating a very sexy lady, playing this great cameo role is the wonderful Cathy De Buono, sexy as ever.

Rebecca meets a lady called Paris played by Jessica Clark who is just about the most beautiful women I have ever seen grace a film. I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil the story but you won’t be disappointed.

The film is sensually shot, with such great sensitivity we got totally caught up in it. Well worth the wait, really enjoyed it.

Next Month Nicole Conn will be our celeb.

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