The Night Watch – Sarah Waters

night_watch_318x500Each year in York there is a lesbian’s book get together. I have been lucky enough to go to this a couple of times and Sarah Waters is usually there. This particular year she was just finishing her latest book ‘The Night Watch’, we headed off to the largest room within the walls of the York racecourse building, the place was packed and there she sat, looking rather nervous when faced with all these lesbian fans all in once place and she read from the first chapter of the book. We were all spell bound and you could hear a penny drop!

I feel so privileged to see such a wonderful writer at the height of her powers share her work with us on such an intimate level! I couldn’t wait for the release of the book and it certainly did not disappoint. Set during the Second World War, it starts at the end and works its way back, which was a clever technique. It’s funny but when you talk to people who were there during the great wars, they always seem to look back fondly on this time and this book goes some way into explaining that life was lived as if each day were your last, so the moment was so alive. This book focuses on a group of women and their lives during the war and how life just didn’t really live up to that time.

A great read as ever.

The Night Watch

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