The Hardest Thing – James Lear – Review

downloadFirstly just to say this is not a book written for lesbians, it’s a crime thriller for gay men but that being said it’s a great romp of a thriller with quite a lot of sex!  Like a porn version of Jack Reacher.

Dan Stagg is an ex marine who lost his job due to the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ position the army take in America, sadly once he ‘told’ he was out.  He lost his lover and life all in one foul swoop.  “Love died when a sniper’s bullet found its target in Helmand”.

Dan is a doorman at a new club, down on his luck and feeling pretty low. After a chain of events his life takes a turn and a road trip. He is hired to hide a cute young guy called Jody, get him out of New York for a while. Dan doesn’t ask why, the $30 thousand promised is enough to quell his curiosity, as they travel they get to know each other on many levels.

I enjoyed the book, even if I did skip some of the more salacious aspects. It was a fun ride and I liked the introspection James brings to the character of Dan. You really get inside his head… as well as other parts of his anatomy.

Obviously this book is written for an audience who want some juicy sex scenes and a story to go with it but actually the story is a very good one very Raymond Chandler esq and I think the readers will be happy with both elements of the book.

James (Rupert) will be signing copies of the book at our favourite book shop ‘Gays the Word’ on 5th September 7pm.

Rupert aka James is to be a future celeb of the month here are lnl.

You can buy your copy here

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