The Exchange – Nikki Rashan – Review

The Exchange

What a great book, so well written. The thoughts the actions the result of their actions all played out and put down on paper so eloquently in this book. You really get inside the head of Kyla and Asia as they hit relationship meltdown.

You get both sides of the story per chapter; what they are thinking, what the other will think, how friends react to the news, reading this book is like being a fly on the wall as their lives fall apart.

Nikki has such a firm grasp on human psychology and how we react to things and how people behave and how destructive that can be, and positive too at times, but mostly destructive.

If you are in a relationship and you feel it’s on the wain, my advice… read this book before you do ANYTHING 🙂 it will certainly give you pause for thought.  I highly recommend this book, it is much more beneficial than a visit to a shrink.

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