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51sMBNcR19L._SL500_AA300_Just watched ‘classic albums’ on BBC4 featuring this album. A real insight into how they conceived it.

I remember buying ‘The Doors’, it was 1st August 1991. I was taken to see the movie by my friend Bob. I was blown away by the life Jim led, albeit for a short time but my god the guy crammed so much into that short spell, so much more than most of us would ever dream of. After that I was hooked.

Looking at my list of records (OCD) I see that in that month of August ’91 I went out and bought each and every album that they recorded. I was 18, I read the book ‘No One Here Gets Out Alive’ – I devoured all the books that were mentioned in there that had influenced Jim. ‘The Outsiders’,’ Kerouac’, ‘Nietzsche ‘ and of course Huxley’s ‘Doors of Perception’.

I moved to Guernsey about that time and was living alone for the first time. Jim was a huge influence on me, I wanted to ‘Break On Through To The Other Side’. I didn’t want to lead this boring life my parents had, I wanted to be an individual, who made a difference, as he had done. In fact a lot of people I met during that time were into that same trip, the hotel I worked had a lot of European people working there in between their college terms.

The thing about ‘The Doors’ is they are a draw to intellect. I love my music and I think the music I love is actually of intellectual quality, especially ‘The Doors’. There is so much heritage to be found in their music, a song isn’t just a song it’s a saga! There is the whole history of life in those lyrics, the obvious choice for this statement is ‘The End’, I mean he based it on a Greek tragedy! How many other pop songs can you think of that are written with that kind of imagery? It was shocking then and I believe still is today. I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not had the privilege to make this music an integral part of my life!

Standout tracks: ‘Crystal Ship’ – ‘before you slip into unconsciousness I’de like to have another kiss’’, ‘The End’ and of course ‘Break On Through’.

Let’s face it you can’t pick out any one track in particular as the best, as they are all superb and take one track away and the jigsaw misses a piece.

Great quote at the end of the program John Densmore casually said ‘Magic comes through you, you don’t own it’


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