Tales Of The City – Series 1

51GPB1N1NCL._SL500_AA300_You know how it can be when your favourite books are made into a movie or a tv show… it’s usually terribly disappointing, the images that you conjured up in your mind of these characters are hardly ever the same as those you see on the screen before you. Well, this series was a major exception to the rule! The actors they chose were in my mind just perfect for the parts they played! Laura Linney was just perfect as Mary Anne Singleton and Olympia Dukakis was just born to play the wonderful Mrs Madrigal!

I have watched this dvd sooo many times, we used to have Tales of the City parties in which my friends would turn up with ice buckets full of wine and we would sit and watch the whole 5 hours none stop and lose ourselves in this wonderful world that Armistead Maupin created! Dreaming that we too could reside at 28 Barbary Lane and get to hang out with Mona and Michael.

The times are captured so well in this dvd, the music is just great and sends you straight back to that time. I really like Marcus D’Amico as ‘Mouse’ but for reasons best known to them he was replaced in the future dvds which is a shame.

I just can’t rave enough about this dvd, it also makes you want to read all the books again and lose yourself in that world.

Wonderful times, wonderful telly!

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