Out There reviewed by American Poet Stephen John Kalinich


These are all voices I have not heard.

I feel a lot of sadness some triumph and a depth in a lot of it but some of the landscape I really like. It bares fruit I am so foreign to this work and knew so few of the authors. There is a lot of good writing much though provoking and stories are woven. I enjoyed the ‘Forward This Queer’ infinity. The opening poem by Janette Ayachi Dandyism   to debauchery is quite something. The opening line Women laugh and spill their drinks. This is a book unlike any I have read, it did not fall into me easily but it took me to new places, made me think and feel more another viewpoint. I was looking for more to enjoy, then when I gave up all expectation did I begin to enjoy the book and shed some of my preset notions from my early childhood..

Thank you for sharing this. It showed me things about the woman who loves a woman so very difficult for a straight person to grasp at first but as I dove into it the underlying of all human beings came forth and I found just human beings wanting to be loved and loving looking at life and feeling it differently than I do but if one has courage one can gain much from this book and learn and carefully discover a new view a slightly different take on the world we have grown up in.

“A woman loves another woman
wanting to be loved held
but it is love
and what creator would distinguish
if male or female has anything to do with kindness and caring and sweetness and dancing of the spirit and soul” sjk


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Stephen John Kalinich is a poet who lives in California and is known for his songwriting as well has his wonderful poems

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