Participants are sought for a doctoral research study


Participants are sought for a doctoral research study exploring how civil partnerships and same-sex marriage can help to challenge society and the law’s ideas about gender roles in relationships.  The study, being conducted by Charlotte Bendall (PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham) and supervised by Dr. Rosie Harding (Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham) is focusing upon how the issue of gender is dealt with in the context of solicitor-client meetings upon civil partnership dissolution.  The researcher is seeking to recruit people who have sought legal advice relating to same-sex relationship breakdown.

Participation would involve an interview with the researcher lasting for approximately one hour.  The questions would allow you to reflect back on your dealings with your solicitor and would also address matters such as the division of labour within your relationship both pre- and post-separation.  Interviews would take place at a mutually agreed location.

Contact for further information

For full information about how to take part, please get in touch with Charlotte Bendall by e-mail at  You may also write to her at Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT.

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