No Other – Gene Clark

61x+SRYDyZL._SL500_AA300_Another lost classic to be found in my cd collection is this lost album from the late great Gene Clark.

One of the main songwriters in the group “The Byrd’s”, he was promised fame and fortune as a solo artist so quit the band at the height of their fame, something sadly he lived to regret. He made some wonderful solo albums but this one has to be the standout of anyone’s career let alone Gene’s.

David Geffen signed Gene to his Asylum records in 1974, Gene arrived with the basic demo tracks that he had conceived whilst sat at a friend’s house looking at the pacific ocean, with his guitar and notebook by his side.

The album cost a fortune to make and alas didn’t make the charts – it was to be his only album for Asylum but what an album!

The songs are a real mish mash of country rock, folk, soul, choral gospel poetry, just sublime. It is said that Gene was a man of few words which is strange as he wrote the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard!

Standout tracks – well all of them really but especially ‘Silver Raven’ ‘Some Misunderstanding’ and ‘Lady Of The North’

No Other

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