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As a special feature to celebrate Annabelle Chvostek visiting our shores we are having two celeb’s of the month this month:


2013 Juno nominee Annabelle Chvostek is a versatile singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Toronto.  She made her professional musical debut with the Canadian Opera Company at just seven years old.  In her twenties, Annabelle earned a degree in interdisciplinary fine arts at Concordia University, and stayed on in Montreal after graduation. There, unencumbered by the expectations of the Anglo roots world, and surrounded by Montreal’s avant-garde arts scene, she began composing for dance and film, playing in bands and performing solo shows on the Montreal-Ontario-New York circuit.

Between 1997 and 2004, she released three independent albums and an EP, toured Europe with a new-media performance piece called the Automatic Prayer Machine, a collaboration with Anna Friz, and performed across North America with artists like Po’Girl, Rae Spoon and Barlywick.

In 2004, she was selected to replace Cara Luft in the Juno-winning Wailin’ Jennys, a gig that took her from obscurity to international acclaim. Chvostek’s songs were repeatedly singled out by critics as highlights of the Jennys’ Juno-nominated CD, Firecracker. “Devil’s Paintbrush Road” was the most downloaded song from the album on iTunes for months. It was also the #1 Canadian song at U.S. folk radio in 2006, and it remained at #3 in 2007. During her two and a half years with the Jennys, Chvostek toured Europe, performed on A Prairie Home Companion, sang on the Juno Awards telecast and earned a Juno nomination for Best Roots and Traditional Album.

In 2007, she left the Jennys and reprised her solo career, signing to Borealis Records and releasing what many see as her solo debut, Resilience, in 2008.  Resilience was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year and became the second most-played Canadian album at U.S. folk radio at the start of 2009. Since the album’s release, Chvostek has done yearly tours of the U.K., criss-crossed Canada and the U.S. and completed a 2009 tour through Poland and Slovakia.

“The Wailin’ Jennys’ loss is the world’s gain”, declared the Saskatoon Star Phoenix in response to Chvostek’s post-Jenny debut, adding, “her original compositions are full of aching desire dressed in poetry and rendered with a musical imagination that seems to know no bounds”.

In 2010, she released her first ever live CD, Live from Folk Alley, and in 2011, her two co-written duets with Canadian legend Bruce Cockburn were released on his Juno-winning album Small Source of Comfort.

Annabelle’s distinct musical imagination is in evidence on her latest release, Rise, nominated for a 2013 Juno Award and a 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award, for she has managed to take a decades-old art form, the protest song, and completely reimagine it for a new era of activism.

LNL Questionnaire

Your favourite virtue?
 Kindness, empathy, courage, imagination.

Your favourite qualities in a man?
Same as above, plus the ability to listen, to be curious. And humour.

Your favourite qualities in a woman?
More of the above. Also, resourcefulness (My GF is the queen of that!), nice lips… 

Your main characteristic?
I’m a dreamer.  I am easily amazed and delighted by simple things. I’m quite sensitive and have a super low tolerance for insincerity.

What draws you most to your friends?
Their ability to bring out my silly and playful side, their creativity and commitments to making things better, the fact that they’re always there when I need them.

Given the opportunity what would you most like to change?
 The monetary system.  Greed. In pre-settler North America the idea of accumulating wealth was considered a mental illness. I’m hoping we’re coming back to this.

Who would you most like to take out for dinner?
Emma Goldman.  Frida Kahlo. The Buddha. My GF.

Your idea of happiness?
Full belly, fresh air. Big trees. Love. Singing together.

What is your favourite way of spending the day?
A lazy morning spent cuddling. Something involving warm weather, bare feet and sunshine (gosh, this is a bit crunchy isn’t it?), followed by co-cooking an elaborate meal with friends. And eating it of course.

Whose life other than yours would you most like to have lived?
Somebody magical, or highly evolved like Yogananda or Mary Magdalene

Where would you most like to live?
I’m a bit in love with Devon.  Cabo Polonio, Uruguay is an amazing, off grid beach town… New York City, for the other extreme.

Who is your favourite author?
Leslie Marmon Silko, Jeanette Winterson, Eduardo Galeano

Who is your favourite poet?
Rumi, Rilke

Your favourite heroes in fiction?
I love historical fiction, for heroes or heroines or in between (just read Middlesex, recent history I suppose, but loved it). I kind of love the Hobbit too…

Your favourite heroines in fiction?
The ones who save the day in the post-apocalyptic future.  Just sped through Margaret Atwood’s latest MaddAddam Trilogy, also liked Starhawks “The Fifth Sacred Thing”.  Both are a bit didactic, but so imaginative in their commentary.

Your favourite painters?
Banksy, Monet, anonymous street artists who actually say something

Who is your favourite composer?
Elgar, Bartok, Debussy

What is your favourite Film?
Babette’s Feast, Wings of Desire, Rear Window

Your favourite food?
 I love food! So many foods!  I’m not sure where to start…

Your favourite drink?
A freshly squeezed juice of almost any kind.  Or a nice full-bodied glass of red.

Who do you most admire?
Charles Eisenstein, my girlfriend, my best buddy Jenny

 What is your present state of mind?
Anticipatory. Excited.

 For what fault have you most toleration?
Indecision. All choices seem possible to me.  I rely on flipping coins.

Your favourite motto?
 “Only the loving voice is the one worth listening to.”

Though to be honest, you’ll more likely hear me say  “Fake it ’till you make it.”



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17    Fr    Bronte Music Club, Rathfriland, Northern Ireland.
18    Sa    Out To Lunch Festival, Belfast, Northern Ireland
23    Th    South Devon Arts Centre, Totnes
24    Fr    Barnfield Theatre, Exeter, Devon,
25    Sa    Brosely Community Centre,  Broseley.
26    Su    Kirkgate Centre, Cockermouth, Cumbria.
29    We   The Greystones, Sheffield,
30    Th    Celtic Connections2014, City Hall, Glasgow,

1    Sa    Wee Gig, Abington, Scotland
2    Su    Edinburgh House Concert
5    We    The Stables, Milton Keynes
6    Th    Green Note, London
7    Fr    Elephant and castle, Lewes
8    Sa    Kenn Village Hall, Kenn, North Somerset.

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