More Tales Of The City

51683ANF8QL._SL500_AA300_The wonderful and clever thing about these books and dvds is how Armistead managed to weave all the characters together.

This season is when Mary Anne gets left some dosh by Edgar Halcyon and takes ‘Mouse’ on a cruise. It’s a great storyline, when she meets the far to perfect Burke and becomes a slooth, yet again to try and find out the truth about what happened to him in San Francisco. All the original characters are in this season, but we also get to meet some new ones. Notably Mother Mucca, played by the wonderful Jackie Burroughs, alas we have a different Mona and Michael… which is a shame but the new actors take on the roles and soon make them their own. There are some great if most bizarre storylines… and it conjures up the book wonderfully well.

Not quite as magical as the first dvd but not a bad follow up.

More Tales of the City: Episodes 1-6 [DVD]

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