Mirmama – Eddi Reader and the Patron Saints of Imperfection

51CeRsMyORL._SL500_AA280_I am finding it really difficult to decide which Eddi Reader cd to review. I love them all so much but I have settled on ‘Mirmama’ as it was her first solo (even though it is titled with the patron saints of imperfection).

This album holds such a special place in my heart, I was living in Leeds. I had just met up with people who have since become life long firm friends and this was the soundtrack of that time whenever I put it on, I am right back in that staff block with people knocking on my door to take me out and get drunk in Leeds.

Glorious autumn days with Eddi’s voice forever in the background! It is a great folk kind of album – covers one of my favourite Fred Neil songs, ‘Dolphins’, ‘Honeychild’ written by Eddi herself as are the bulk of the songs on here.

The album is just of a certain time or place; it was free and flowed each song complimenting the other.

Loudon Wainwright’s ‘Swimming Song’ gets a great playful cover on here, Steve Earles ‘My Old Friend The Blues’ closes the album in a quite moody way.

Standout tracks to me: ‘What You Do With What You’ve Got’ (great lyrics), ‘Honeychild’, ‘Dolphins’.

What You Do With What You’ve Got

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