Memorial Beach – a-ha

51ZzLHWprSL._SL500_AA300_You may see a pattern growing here, all my musical favourites are linked with such great memories. I find that I pop a cd on and I am right back to where I was when it came out.

This one takes me back to Guernsey, sitting on a gorgeous sandy beach listening to a-ha’s latest. They took a bit of a break after this album – which is such a shame as I rate this amongst their best offerings. I grew up on ‘Take on Me’ and ‘The Sun Always Shines’, this is when I think a-ha came into their own on this album.

They always said they were influenced by The Doors and I think you can really see and hear this on ‘Memorial Beach’. I remember doing a compilation tape years ago for a friend who was a real music snob – I popped on ‘Cold as Stone’, I didn’t put who it was by. Well the next day in the pub he was enthusing about this great track with all the cord changes, needless to say he was rather devastated when I told him who it was by, his street cred gone forever!

A-ha are having yet another come back special this year. I like their new album but for me they should really stick to the rock & roll.

Standout tracks: the aforementioned ‘Cold as Stone’, ‘Angel’, ‘Dark is the Night’ and the title track ‘Memorial Beach’.

Memorial Beach

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