Empress of the World – Sara Ryan

tumblr_m4ly7g2orC1r2anp0o1_400A short story about a group of friends who spend 8 weeks together at a summer camp for gifted youngsters. Nicola Lancaster meets and makes friends with Katrina the manic computer chick, Isaac the nice-guy-despite-himself, Kevin the inarticulate composer…. and Battle Hall Davies. Each of them studying a different subject but drawn to spend the summer together.
Each of them have their own story and/or hang ups but together they spend their time developing a strong friendship. Up until this summer Nicola has always been attracted to guys but this all changes when she meets Battle a beautiful blond – their relationship goes beyond just friendship and for the first time Nicola is attracted to the same sex.
As summer camp progresses so does their relationship. With Nicola over analysing everything and everyone their relationship does become strained including a period of confusion and doubt.
Although this is quite a short story I enjoyed reading it because of its naivety  There was nothing heavy or difficult to follow, it just flowed and was a bit of pure escapism.

Written by Lisa Martin

Empress of the World

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