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If you think you’re heading towards a midlife crisis watch this film – this is a depiction of a midlife crisis to end all mid life crises.

Directed by Stacie Passon, Concussion is a familiar story in many ways, a  married couple with two children, living a good suburban life which revolves around the children’s schedules and friends. Although they still love each other, one isn’t interested in sex anymore and the other is hungry for more sexual experiences. Familiar but different. The fact that the couple are lesbians is dealt with brilliantly – because it isn’t dealt with at all – it’s not an issue, to the couple, their friends, their children.


I was gripped by where this midlife crisis was going which was apparently initiated by a baseball thrown at the head – hence the “Concussion”.  When Abby, played superbly by Robin Weigert, decides she wants to experience sex with other women and goes to a prostitute I assumed the plot would form around the impact of her paying for sex. Not once did I see the actual plot line coming…..


Abby’s character is fascinating and you’re constantly wondering what’s motivating her to take such risks and then return to her traditional lifestyle.


The sex scenes are passionate, at times disturbing and at other times a disappointment to the participants, they’re never overly graphic but show the strength of desire and the urgency of new passion. Very few of the scenes show any tenderness.


It’s a sexy, intriguing film which definitely keeps you gripped and makes my mid-life crisis look like a walk in the park!


Eve Knapp

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