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The Children of Gavrilek  by Julie Kirton Chandler

At Christmas time I hooked up with the author Julie Kirton Chandler on Twitter and she was kind enough to accept our invitation to be a guest on our site, (coming soon) she also sent me a copy of her book to read.

I am a big Star Trek fan but strangely enough I have never really read any sci fi books, so the prospect of reading a lesbian sci fi book was of course most appealing.

The book starts with us onboard a boat with Audrainna and her son Devon sailing in stormy seas just off Cuba. The boat sinks but they are rescued by some water nymphs and find themselves in deepest darkest Georgia.

The focus of the first half of the book is the relationship that forms between the aforementioned Baroness Audrianna von Traugott and Kendis Lewis, (who looks after her after she is rescued). Kendris is from Gavrilekian and is a naiad.  Kendris is also black, bearing in mind the book is set in the 1920s at the height of segregation and prohibition this offers all sorts of other connotations.

You have to get your head around all the other elements in the book, biverse energy, chasing mirrors and Gavrilekians, who are clowns who speak ancient Egyptian and who pose as the Klu Klux Klan.

As I say the book forms two halves- the first one set the scene for the show down that forms the second half, this for me was a most unexpected twist.


I really enjoyed the book. It looks like it is to be the first of many, it certainly is a brilliant outlet for Julie’s imagination and what an imagination she has. The book is highly original in its content but the thing I also loved about it was the way she subtly flavours it with such wisdom.

A must read, bring on the next one!

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