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Celeb of the month | Writer |Helen Eisenbach

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Helen Eisenbach photo by Kelly Campbell

About: Helen Eisenbach writes screenplays, plays, and has published two books, the novel Loonglow and the satirical how-to/cry for help Lesbianism Made Easy, both of which will be published as e-books by Open Road Media this December. Her journalism has appeared in New York magazine, Salon, Newsday, Time Out New York, The New York Times, Interview, the Daily News and

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November Book Events at Gays the Word

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Forthcoming Events at a Glance: Event 1 Dolly Dingle, Lesbian Landlady Vs.  The Rubbish Lesbian Lesbian lit with a laugh. Two authors reading: U.S. based lesbian pulp fiction author Monica Nolan squares up to our very own rubbish lesbian Sarah Westwood…. Thursday 13th Nov, 7pm £3 on the door - please RSVP on Facebook or just show

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Out There reviewed by American Poet Stephen John Kalinich

By at October 26, 2014 | 5:50 pm | 0 Comment


These are all voices I have not heard. I feel a lot of sadness some triumph and a depth in a lot of it but some of the landscape I really like. It bares fruit I am so foreign to this work and knew so few of the authors. There is a lot of good writing much though provoking and stories are woven. I enjoyed the ‘Forward This Queer’ infinity. The opening poem by

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YouTube is #ProudToPlay: Celebrating equality for all athletes

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From the Sochi Olympics to the recent NFL draft, this year has seen a growing, global conversation about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in the world of sports. Many LGBT athletes are sharing their stories on YouTube, and the support they’re getting from teammates and fans has helped others find the courage to do the

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Review best lesbian romance 2014 – edited by Radclyffe

By at May 25, 2014 | 3:15 pm | 0 Comment


I'm reviewing this book knowing absolutely nothing about the best lesbian romance 2013/12/10 .......I've no idea how far they go back - so I'm a bit in the dark as far as the series goes. I also don't read a lot of lesbian fiction anymore ...I'm not sure if this bodes well or not!!!   When I started the collection I have to say I thought it was sweet but a bit

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Participants are sought for a doctoral research study

By at March 5, 2014 | 6:33 pm | 0 Comment


Participants are sought for a doctoral research study exploring how civil partnerships and same-sex marriage can help to challenge society and the law’s ideas about gender roles in relationships.  The study, being conducted by Charlotte Bendall (PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham) and supervised by Dr. Rosie Harding (Senior Lecturer at the University of

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We are all very excited about the pending launch of vVoosh | Guest Post

By at February 4, 2014 | 3:10 pm | 0 Comment


vVoosh has been a closely guarded secret for the last 3 years and all is about to be revealed this spring 2014 Manuel Fernandez and Leon Wood are the brain child if this global platform which is set to rock our world! Although it's all to be kept under wraps until it's launch all I can say is that it's unlike any other platform that has been created so far and it's

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Guest Post by Jane Siberry | 30 day sugar-free diet

By at January 2, 2014 | 5:04 pm | 0 Comment

Jane Siberry

Hello everyone. HERE WE GO This doctor (Olsen) does a 30 day sugar-free thing. He knows a lot about the dark secrets of sugar. He also runs marathons so understands the body from that stance, too. If you're interested, details here. Here are my thoughts, too. However, I must add a SPOILER ALERT. 'Canadian Rock Star strikes human note with seedy off-stage

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Among the Bloodpeople – Thomas Glave

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Among the Bloodpeople: Politics and Flesh by Thomas Glave My rating: 3 of 5 stars This is a tough book to review, it was by no means an easy read, but that is no reflection on Thomas’s writing style, it is of course due to the subject matter which is most disturbing to say the least. The thing about the book is that he really delves into the psyche of what it is

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Beyond The Walls – Review

By at July 31, 2013 | 9:07 pm | 0 Comment

Beyond The Walls Final

Isn’t it funny how sometimes in life you find yourself in one place and that one place leads you down a completely new path. That's what happens to Paulo, who after a night out with friends (who can’t be that great as they left him alone drunk with a random barman) wakes up in a strange bed, hungover and wondering where he is. Well, he is in Ilir’s bed, the

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