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Isn’t it funny how sometimes in life you find yourself in one place and that one place leads you down a completely new path. That’s what happens to Paulo, who after a night out with friends (who can’t be that great as they left him alone drunk with a random barman) wakes up in a strange bed, hungover and wondering where he is. Well, he is in Ilir’s bed, the aforementioned barman. It all goes rather downhill for Paulo after this. His girlfriend is understandably rather unimpressed and Ilir’s sister isn’t too thrilled either when he appears on Ilir’s doorstep after just the one night.

And so with those few fatal steps Paulo’s life changes. I won’t tell you anymore so you can enjoy the journey for yourselves. We enjoyed the film the two leads are brilliant in it, Guillaume Gouix as Ilir and Matila Malliarakis as Paulo. It is a quirky film but I love quirky films!
“Beyond The Walls” charts an intense sexual relationship and was officially selected during Critic’s Week at Cannes. David Lambert’s first feature is for fans of recent gay classics like “Weekend” and “Keep The Lights On” and sees an incredibly personal look at a challenging relationship which resonates with us all.

We are lucky enough to have both Guillaume and Matila lined up as  future celeb’s in the coming months.

You can get a copy right here


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