B Is for Beer – Tom Robbins

51q7W9RPSuL._SL500_AA300_This is Tom Robbins’ first book for five years, ‘B Is for Beer’ whimsically describes the various aspects of the culture of beer be it ancient, modern, brutal, childlike and divine – and as with all Tom Robbins’ books otherworldly.  It tells us of the life of a feisty nursery school kid named Gracie Perkel. Billed by Robbins as `the first children’s book about beer,’ this inspired work taps into the barrel of life’s existential mysteries and is truly meant to sit proudly with his other novels in grown-up literature sections.   am a major lover of Tom Robbins work. In fact i would go as far as to say that he is my all time fav author!  This book, whilst not quite on a par with his classics, is still a great read and a view of beer from another perspective!  His timing was a little off for me, as when I read it I had just gone on the wagon:-).

B is for Beer

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