August 2012 – Musicians – Paper Aeroplanes

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“Paper Aeroplanes are an oasis of gravity in a cultural desert of frivolity, of emotion in a cold hearted world. If you’re not in tears by the end of A Comfortable Sleep then you’re either a Stalinist dictator or a statue. 9/10 “ Paul Kerr, Fourohfive 405
“Intimate, jaunty and confident lo-key pop with great melody .” The Guardian
“No pretence , no artifice, just great, memorable songs and a voice that’d charm a piranha” Adam Walton BBC Wales
“My favourite welsh combo since a slice of bara brith and a cup of sweet tea“ Beat-Surrender
Paper Aeroplanes is Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn. Their musical partnership began six years ago in small town West Wales and in 2009 they released their debut album “The Day we ran into the Sea”.
The album with its distinctive sound under Sarah’s beautiful vocals was described by the BBC’s Adam Walton as “brilliantly crafted and stoked from a bruised heart’s embers”, and BBC Radio Wales as “the finest radio album to come out of Wales since Rockferry”.
Since its release they have made the Radio 2 playlist and supported acts as varied as Ron Sexsmith, Ed Sheeran, Marina and the Diamonds and Chris Wood, as well as securing a live session with the legendary Bob Harris.
Having been compared to the likes of Gemma Hayes, Turin Brakes and Nerina Pallot, this year they released mini-album “We are Ghosts” to more critical acclaim and reviews such as “With songs this good, Paper Aeroplanes deserve a far wider audience” – BBC Music’s Robin Denselow; “Album of the Month” – Maverick Magazine and being picked for The Guardian’s “F&M playlist”.
Paper Aeroplanes are taking those words that you hear in your head and shooting them across the ether. Come fly with them…

LNL Questionnaire

Sarah Howells of Paper Aeroplanes

Your favourite virtue?


Your favourite qualities in a man?

Intelligence, ability to make a decision, not taking himself too seriously.

Your favourite qualities in a woman?

Self confidence, warmth, tolerance, unpretentious.

Your main characteristic?

The characteristic which probably defines me is determination. I wish it was patience.

What draws you most to your friends?

I tend to be friends with fairly creative people  with their own companies/projects. I like people who are happy in themselves, interested in life and looking for new challenges.

Who would you most like to take out for dinner?

Emma Stone. For some reason I think we’d get on really well. She looks like a laugh…a girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Your idea of happiness?

Happiness is all a state of mind in my opinion so for me its just about finding a way of being content with what I do and who I am. Being around people I love helps.

What is your favourite way of spending the day?

My favourite day would be a fairly sunny, breezy wander around Brick Lane in East London, buying a record from Rough Trade, followed by writing some (hopefully useable) lyrics in a corner of Cafe 1001, drinking a really good flat white from Nude, heading to an exhibition at the Wellcome Collection then meeting my best friend for dinner and a cocktail somewhere with a view of the river.

Whose life other than yours would you most like to have lived?

In the past I would have been able to answer this but at the moment I’m too intrigued by my own life and where it’ll lead to really consider that. I like the challenges that are getting thrown our way at the moment.

Where would you most like to live?

Right now – London, In the future – a pretty village in the middle of nowhere with my (currently fictional) other half, dog, cat and hopefully a pig….and a herb garden.

Who is your favourite author?

Ali Smith or Haruki Murakami

Who is your favourite poet?

Carol Ann Duffy (was a big fan before she became poet laureate) the poem Mean Time

Your favourite heroes in fiction?


Your favourite heroines in fiction?

Elizabeth Bennet

Your favourite painters?

Don’t really have one I’m afraid.

Who is your favourite composer?

Probably Debussy or Karl Jenkins.

What is your favourite Film?

Lost in Translation. LOVE it. Love Scarlett, Love Bill. It’s the only film I’ve seen more than twice out of choice and still laughed the fourth time.

Your favourite food?

Risotto..pretty much any kind as long as it’s full of Pecorrino

Your favourite drink?

A real Margarita. Definitely not frozen.

Who do you most admire?

My Parents

What is your present state of mind?

This very second..a bit tired. Generally from day to day… a mix of excitement and frustration


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