We Do!: American Leaders Who Believe in Marriage Equality | Jennifer Baumgardner


The flyer states:

Remember when bringing up gay marriage was the easiest way to inflame an otherwise mild electorate? This volume demonstrates, through speeches, interviews and commentary, the encouraging story of American acceptance of gay marriage and the roles that politicians – gay and straight – have played in that history. This movement, like all civil rights movements, began with individuals telling the truth about who they are to a world that doesn’t accept them. It ends with an entire generation of young people who reject blatant discrimination.

I don’t know much about  American politics other than Watergate but I do remember how badly treated Ellen was just a few years ago after she came out. So the thought that in America you can now, in certain states get married is pretty amazing.

This is of course a very American book and for those like me who know nothing of the politics, it is an insight into how their world turns but really it’s just a collection of speeches made by politicians who want to win elections. So alas it didn’t really grab me but as a history book of how the world turned in the States, then I would imagine in the future it will be interesting to look back and read the cogs turning.

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