A Matter Of Life And Death

A Matter of Life and DeathRewind to the summer of 1988, I had just finished my last exam at school. I had the whole summer to worry about where my future lay.

I stayed up one night flicking through the channels and stumbled upon what is still 20 years later the most magical film I have ever seen. As I sat there in the darkness I was taken away to a far distant world.

‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ – David Niven, Marius Goring and Raymond Masse.

I read later that the film was meant as a propaganda film for the war but Pressburger and Powell took it to a whole other level. The fact that they made heaven black and white and earth colour was in itself a twist.

David Niven was perfect as the lost and bewildered pilot; Peter Carter who we met in a plane with no parachute quoting poetry to an American ‘June’ who in his eyes was hearing his last words. But thankfully Conductor 71 lost him in the clouds and thus it became a tale of love lost and found again. The directors trying to tell a war torn England or maybe world that love was what makes the world turn.

I have seen this film many many times since and shown it to as many people as I can. Since then I have heard that the likes of Jonathon Ross and Lenny Henry declare it as their all time favourite film.

It is wonderful and I suggest you go and buy it now, your opinion of films will never be the same again and it was so modern for 1947!

A Matter of Life and Death [DVD]

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